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Indoor Furniture in Rustic Style

Posted by Wisanka Indonesia Furniture

People love wood furniture because of its beauty and quality offered. Wood furniture commonly made in accordance to its function in early times. However, as it growth over time, today wood furniture comes in various designs and kinds, which fulfill all the market demands, including wood furniture in rustic style.
Literally, rustic refers to something simple with no decoration or ornaments and looks rough. The style origins from rural America that uses many unsmooth sanded wood pieces. The style seems giving priority to its main function rather than the aesthetic aspect. The furniture commonly left unfinished to expose the natural pattern of wood.
Rustic brings rough and old-fashioned impression in the room decorated. But along with the development of home interior design, rustic styled furniture can be modified into modern furniture and combined with other style of wood working. With modern rustic furniture, we still able to obtain the impression of old and classic style of home interior. The key is use appropriate material to create the impression desired.
Besides all the furniture used, other element of home interior bring such an ambiance desired. Exposed bricks with its natural colors enhanced the home interior. The appearance of exposed bricks walls would be perfectly combined with natural finished furniture. It allows exposing the natural texture of wood furniture, which not affected with industrialization, and feels the natural impression in the house. the most important is how you combine and use them to enhance your home interior.


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